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Wild Heart Magic

Healing Stress & Trauma: The Integration of body, mind, and spirit

This peer support group offers guided activities & discussions centered around the topics of healing stress and trauma. 

We believe that safe and healing services need to be accessible. We depend on the income from these services to be able to continue offering them; however, we also recognize that financial barriers impede access to healing opportunities.  Therefore, we have decided to offer this service for $30 per group, OR pay what you can. 

Below you will find multiple options for payment: 

  • Full price $30

  • Half price $15

  • Very low cost $5

If a $5 cost is beyond your financial capacity, you are still welcome to join us at no cost. Skip the payment step and go straight to registration.







Once you have made your payment, register for the group here. 

Current Schedule
  • Third Thursdays

  • 7-8:30 pm CST

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