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Trauma Recovery Focused Approach

Are you overwhelmed by clients not getting better? Burned out? Frustrated?

When it comes to helping professions, trauma is a major barrier to the people we serve. But you already knew that, which is why you’ve invested your time and energy in learning more about trauma in a bid to provide more effective support for the people you’re serving.  

The Trauma Recovery Focused Approach (TRFA) Program will give you the tools you have been looking for. You will be able to:

  • Clearly explain the science behind trauma with your clients

  • Explore the signs and symptoms of trauma your client is exhibiting in partnership with them

  • Identify ways to safely and effectively help your clients begin navigating their trauma responses

  • Provide tools and resources to your clients so that they can start implementing what they learned in their day-to-day lives

What's Included

  • 18 hours of guided learning

  • 12 live training sessions led by a trauma expert (60 minutes, weekly)

  • 12 Q&A and experiential learning and discussion sessions with your peers and instructor (30 minutes, weekly)

  • Exclusive access to an online community with your program group

  • A small group for practicing, deepening your experiential learning opportunities


Discounts are available for payment in full, and alternate payment options are available for those who prefer to break up the tuition into smaller amounts. 

Trauma Recovery Focused Approach™

Developed by your instructor, Ace Whitman, TRFA™ operates from the belief that trauma impacts every person, and this is especially true of those who are seeking assistance from mental health and social service providers.  However, trauma recovery support and guidance is far from accessible to the people most vulnerable in our communities.   Even worse, many of the organizations and services that are available operate off old, ineffective, and harmful practices and policies, leading to only further harm for those reaching out for help. 

The TRFA™ assumes that every service provider must understand how trauma is experienced in the brain and body.  Every provider needs to know how long term exposure to trauma leads to the over-use of trauma responses, leading to difficulties in almost every aspect of life. A person who can never feel fully safe will experience the physiological, biological, neurological, and psychological implications of being in a survival state all of the time. 
Providers who utilize the TRFA™ learn how to identify signs of trauma exposure, how to best help someone who has been exposed to traumatic experiences feel safe, and how to guide them through the trauma recovery process. 

Trauma recovery research is becoming increasingly more common, yet mental health and social service practices continue to operate as if this new information is not available.  The TRFA™ offers mental health and social service providers with the knowledge, tools, and skills to translate the latest trauma recovery research into real, sustainable healing. 

July 27th-October 12th

Live training every Wednesday from 6-7:30 pm
with access to recordings for those who cannot attend live

Registration open from June 27th-July 26th

Choose your pricing plan

  • Pay In Full

    Pay once and secure our lowest price
    • 25% discount
    • 12 live sessions + recordings
    • Exclusive access to online community
  • Two payments

    Every month
    Pay only twice and receive a discount
    Valid for 2 months
    • 10% discount
    • 12 live sessions + recordings
    • Exclusive access to online community
  • Four Payments

    Every month
    Pay monthly, four payments total
    Valid for 4 months
    • Full price
    • 12 live sessions + recordings
    • Exclusive access to online community
  • Basic Membership

    Every month
     30 day free trial
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    Your Instructor: Ace Whitman, LCPC

    Trauma Recovery has been the greatest focus of Ace's life for most of the past decade, both personally and professionally. 

    After building a full online counseling practice working exclusively with adults recovering from the long-term impacts of trauma, Ace developed the Trauma Recovery Focused Approach to support people in helping professions to stop getting burned out while increasing their abilities to promote trauma recovery for the people they serve.​



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