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Trauma Recovery Focused Approach

Guiding helping professionals to avoid burnout and better promote trauma recovery for the people they serve.

You've worked hard to get where you are in your professional career, but you are exhausted, frustrated, and burned out.

Many of the people you want to help just aren't getting better, or not showing as much progress as you had hoped. You've tried every way you can think of, but with limited resources and declining energy, you're barely keeping your own head above water.

Sometimes it feels like you’ve hit a wall. The people you’re helping just don't listen and it can feel like they aren't even trying. Other times you can see how much effort they are exuding, but they face so many of their own limited resources and way too many barriers to recovery.

More often than you'd like to admit, you find yourself struggling to do the very same things you're trying to teach others to do. How can anyone keep up with all the stress at work, at home, and within your community?

Our political climate, societal culture, and world news has become so wrought with conflict, it's hard to keep up with it all. It's difficult simply having conversations with the people you care about, personally and professionally, much less focus on healing from trauma.

How do we help others manage all the stress when we are struggling so much ourselves?

After years in your field, and perhaps even after trying one job after another, you find yourself thinking about how you're going to handle this, day after day, until retirement. Frustration and despair begin to set in.

Deep down, you still wish you loved your job, and you do truly want to make a real difference.

Some, even most, days you may feel like there’s no chance of sustainable change. Yet you dream that one day the people you’ve helped will come back, recount their success stories, and thank you for your part in making recovery possible.

You keep showing up, mostly because you don't have many other options, and also because you do actually care about helping people. You want them to succeed. You want to see them happy, healthy, and excited about life.

Picture this: showing up to work every day excited to hear about their weeks! Imagine being proud of their progress as they begin to find real success in finally building the lives they want for themselves.

They can honestly say they aren't beating themselves up about all their minor mistakes anymore. They are establishing healthy relationships and setting appropriate boundaries with their family. They have begun feeling excited to talk about how they handled situations at home or work in healthy ways.

They have more and more resilience each time you see them. They do still have difficult days, weeks, and even months, but they are able to cope with their bad times and come out the other side feeling even more confident in their abilities to manage their lives.

Imagine watching as your job transforms from exhausting to energizing. You feel good about the work you're doing and the progress you're making, and helping others to make, both as an advocate and a helping professional.

The Trauma Recovery Focused Approach

Your choices don’t have to be limited to A) just keep struggling through as best you can or B) giving up altogether. By implementing the Trauma Recovery Focused Approach, you can:

  • Learn to recognize how trauma is showing up in the lives of the people you’re working with.

  • Decipher how that trauma is interfering with their abilities to regulate their emotions, make mindful decisions, and navigate life stressors.

  • Evaluate what barriers you may be unintentionally or unknowingly creating and what to do instead.

  • Explore new techniques and skills that promote resilience and long-term trauma recovery.

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Trauma Recovery Focused Approach

A 6 Hour Professional Education Workshop

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