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Jul 27, 2022 - Nov 9, 2022

Trauma Recovery Focused Approach

  • 106Days
  • 25Steps


Weekly live sessions are 90 minutes in length, and include a training (60 minutes) and group discussion (30 minutes). You'll find the outline of the program below: Part I: TRAUMA & ITS IMPACTS Wk 1: Trauma Basics Wk 2: Trauma Symptoms Wk 3: Categories of Trauma Wk 4: Developmental Trauma Wk 5: Complex Trauma Part II: TRAUMA RECOVERY Wk 6: Polyvagal Theory Wk 7: Interpersonal Neurobiology Wk 8: Somatic Approaches Wk 9: Attachment Theory Wk 10: Regulation Wk 11: Building Resilience Wk 12: Reflection & Implementation Plans

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Trauma Recovery Focused Approach Workshop

Trauma Recovery Focused Approach Workshop

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