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Professional Trauma Recovery Consultant

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Trauma Recovery Services

Support groups

These groups are a peer support group with some added structure and guidance. Group services include experiential learning through guided activities and discussions. 

education & training

Education is an essential component of trauma recovery.  In order to know how to recover, it's important to understand what is happening in our brain and body while it's happening. Trauma is not the experiences that have happened to us, but rather the way our bodies respond to those experiences. We can better break away from the responses when we know what's happening to us. 


Trauma recovery consultation offers the opportunity to address how trauma is impacting an individual, family, or environment.  These services are offered to individuals and organizations interested in better understanding a trauma recovery perspective for specific situations. 

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Ace Whitman started Ace’s Consulting & Education Services, LLC (A.C.E.S.) to carry out a dream of making trauma recovery accessible to anyone wanting assistance in recovering from traumatic experiences.    

However, professional trauma recovery support and guidance is far from accessible to the people most vulnerable in our communities.   Even worse, many of the organizations and services that are available operate off old, ineffective, and even sometimes harmful practices and policies, leading to only further harm for those reaching out for help. 

Over the past decade, Ace has worked as a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor specializing in complex and developmental trauma recovery.  During that time, they came to understand  that while trauma recovery centered psychotherapy can be a very helpful component to trauma recovery support, it is not the only way to recover.

The scientific research published over the past decade on trauma recovery strongly points to the need for safe and supportive community and relationships as a foundation for trauma recovery.    

To bridge the gap and provide opportunities for community healing, Ace is working to bring trauma recovery education, support, and guidance to our community through a peer support community model.  Our communities have the ability to heal from within with the right information and a little bit of guidance. 

About Me
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About Me

Ace Whitman, LCPC (they/them)
Owner, CEO

"Trauma Recovery has been the greatest focus of my life for most of the past decade, both personally and professionally. 

As a therapist and owner of Wild Moon Counseling, LLC, I built a full online counseling practice working exclusively with adults recovering from the long-term impacts of growing up in unhealthy, abusive, or neglectful environments.

Working with individuals is an incredibly rewarding experience, but I began wondering if I could help more people.  I dreamed of making trauma recovery easily accessible to anyone wanting to heal.  The need for trauma recovery services is vast, but with few trauma recovery treatment options available, the most vulnerable members of our communities go without. 

Rather than continue to keep doing things the way they've always been done, I used the things I've learned from the research to design a peer support based model to recovery. Healing happens in relationships--let's build relationships together.

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Galesburg, IL 61401


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